Taking a look at upcoming Baruwa Enterprise Edition release 2.1.0 part 2

October 08, 2015 at 09:00 AM | categories: Baruwa, Releases, Baruwa Enterprise, BaruwaOS, 2.1.0, Baruwa Enterprise Edition

We will soon release Baruwa Enterprise Edition version 2.1.0 as part of BaruwaOS 6.7.2

This post describes some of the changes contained in this update.

Improved Bulk Spam learning

In versions of Baruwa prior to 2.1.0, bulk message learning was very resource intensive. This at times generated kernel memory OOM errors when several users would process hundreds of messages at the same time.

In versions >= 2.1.0 we have improved the implementation of the backend learning system to make it faster, more efficient and use less memory.

Improved system performance

In this version we have rewritten most of the backend calls to make them faster and more efficient this will make the interface snappy and a joy to use.

Improved authentication system

We have reimplemented the authentication system to store sessions on the server side as opposed to using encrypted cookies as was previously the case. This further enhances usability in cluster environments.