BaruwaOS 6.7.3 released

October 25, 2015 at 07:00 AM | categories: Baruwa, Releases, Baruwa Enterprise, BaruwaOS, 2.1.1, Baruwa 2.0

Today we are issuing update -- BaruwaOS 6.7.3, this update contains rolling updates to the previous release BaruwaOS 6.7.2

Features Roundup

The notable changes in this release are as follows.

New Configuration Management Engine

As of this version the Puppet configuration engine has been depreciated in favor of the Salt configuration management engine.

Salt is built using Python and fits nicely into our Python based systems. Salt also offers a range of enhancements and features which we believe are well suited going forward for Baruwa Enterprise Edition configuration management.

As part of integrating Salt into baruwa-setup we developed a range of enhancements which true to our Open source roots we have contributed to the upstream for wider use by the Salt community.

Among the wealth of features that Salt brings to Baruwa Enterprise Edition are:

  • Easy customization
  • Improved Error handling
  • Improved speed and performance
  • Improved security of configuration credentials

The previous Puppet configuration engine can still as of this version be used using the -b puppet flag to baruwa-setup. How ever its use is discouraged and it is set to be removed in future versions.

Customization documentation

Baruwa Enterprise Edition configuration is done via a configuration management system, this means that manual changes to files are overwritten by the configuration management system.

In some cases end users would like to make local customizations which should not be overwritten. With the introduction of the Salt configuration management engine. it is now possible to customize the whole configuration system without having these changes overwritten by baruwa-setup or by an update.

The already existing customization mechanisms have also now been documented in the documentation.

Cloud Installation

As of this version Baruwa Enterprise Edition can now be installed on cloud servers. The following cloud providers are supported as of version 6.7.3. New cloud providers will be added depending on the demand.

With cloud installation support users should be able to spin up cloud servers with Baruwa Enterprise Edition on demand allowing their setups to scale up and down depending on traffic profiles. It also allows users to take advantage of the benefits that cloud servers have to offer.

ClamAV Update

ClamAV has been updated to version 0.99 which includes several enhancements as well as support for the Yara pattern matching engine.

The following ClamAV signatures have been added.

  • PHISHTANK - Online and valid phishing urls from data feed.
  • PORCUPINE_HSB - Sha256 Hashes of VBS and JSE malware,kept for 7 days
  • HACKINGTEAM - Hacking Team hashes
  • BADMACRO - Blocks dangerous macros embedded in Word/Excel/Xml/RTF/JS documents
  • SIGTEST_YARA - Yara format Signature test
  • SPAM_YARA - Yara format Detects Spam emails

The above signatures are not enabled by default on existing systems, users should use baruwa-setup to enable them.

The BADMACRO in particular is useful in combating the wide spread outbreak of infections using macros in word, excel and other document attachments.

Package Updates

The following packages have been updated or added in this release.


The new ISO images are available to download at


Baruwa Enterprise Edition >= 2.0.7 users can update using the baruwa-setup command, please read the changelog as well as the updating sections of the documentation prior to updating.

Users Baruwa Enterprise Edition versions < 2.0.7 should first convert to BaruwaOS, the process will upgrade them to the latest version as well. Please refer to the 2.0.7 section of the upgrade documentation for the process to follow to convert to BaruwaOS


As always 8x5 email support is available to all Enterprise Edition customers, should you run into any issues feel free to email support.