Taking a look at upcoming BaruwaOS release 6.8

June 09, 2016 at 10:00 AM | categories: Baruwa, Releases, Baruwa Enterprise, BaruwaOS, Baruwa Enterprise Edition, 6.8

We will release BaruwaOS 6.8 on Monday 13th June 2016, this post highlights some of the features and changes that will be introduced as part of this release.

New Features

Lets Encrypt Certificates

Baruwa now supports the ACME client protocol. This allows for requesting of certificates from ACME compartible Certificate Authorities such as CertBot formerly known as Lets Encrypt a free and open CA which issues browser recognized certificates.

DMARC Reporting

Baruwa now supports DMARC reporting, both forensic and aggregate reports are supported. Forensic reports are sent out immediatly when the mail is processed, Aggregate reports are sent out once a day.

Fallback servers

It is now possible to configure delivery servers for an Organization, these delivery servers are called Fallback servers.

If a domain in the Organization does not have delivery servers configured the Fallback servers for the Organization will be used instead.

This can be used in cases where an Organization has several domains which are hosted on the same mail server.

MTA Random IP Address Pools

Baruwa now supports the use of a random IP address from a pool of IP addresses. Baruwa will automatically use one random IP address from the assigned addresses each time it makes an outbound SMTP connection.

The above is useful to be able to remove and add IP addresses to the system when an address has been blacklisted for example.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Baruwa now supports the setting of dedicated IP addresses for:

  • Domains
  • Delivery servers
  • Fallback servers

So it is now possible to assign dedicated IP addresses to a domain, delivery server and fallback server.

The effect of the above assignments is as follows:

  • All email from the domain name will be sent from the assigned IP address
  • All email to a delivery server will be sent from the assigned IP address
  • All email to a fallback server will be sent using the assigned IP address

The above comes in handy when you want to seperate traffic flows in a multi customer hosted enviroment such that one customers reputation does not affect other customers reputation.

Null routing

It is now possible to discard all mail sent to a domain without delivering it to the delivery servers.

An option has been added to allow users to discard all mail addressed to the domain.

Enforcing TLS

It is now possible to enforce the use of TLS connections for hosts and domains.

Domains hosted on the Baruwa server can now be configured to only deliver mail to the delivery servers using TLS connections by setting the Require TLS on the delivery or fallback servers.

SMTP clients sending Outbound mail via the Baruwa server are already required to use TLS for SMTP AUTH connections, now it is also possible to enforce the use of TLS for none SMTP AUTH connections using the Require TLS on the relay settings.

For inbound messages it is also possible to enforce TLS using the TLS Enforcement List

Content Protection Info

The reasons why a message was blocked by the Content Protection System are now displayed on the message detail page.

After SMTP Anti Virus Rejection Info

The rejection messages from the After SMTP Anti Virus checks are now displayed on the message detail page.


The API has been extended to support Fallback servers and Null routing.

Man Pages

BaruwaOS now includes Man Pages for all the Baruwa Enterprise Edition commands.

Upstream Release

This release tracks the upstream base OS's update 6.8.