Improving Anti Virus Engine integration

March 23, 2017 at 12:00 PM | categories: Baruwa Enterprise, Baruwa, Exim, Baruwa 2.0


Baruwa can scan messages using various Anti Virus Engines both at SMTP time using the MTA and post SMTP time using the Scanner.

In the bid to improve performance and increase efficiency we have implemented two additional improvements to the solution.

  • SMTP TIME F-Prot support
  • POST SMTP TIME Sophos SAVID support

SMTP TIME F-Prot support

Previously it was only possible to use the F-Prot engine during the SMTP phase. This meant that the message had to be accepted before it could be scanned using this engine.

In order to support SMTP TIME scanning and rejection we implemented the FSCAND protocol in the MTA. We submitted the patch to the upstream and it was accepted and will be part of Exim 4.90. We have back ported this patch to Exim 4.89 for use in BaruwaOS.


Previously it was not possible to use the Sophos SAVID interface to perform POST SMTP TIME scanning. This meant that if you wanted to perform Sophos POST SMTP TIME scanning you had to use the inefficient command line option.

In order to support the Sophos SAVID interface POST SMTP TIME, we have implemented SAVID scan method in the scanner.

It is now possible to use Sophos SAVID interface via a unix socket from within the scanner POST SMTP.


We plan to introduce the two above enhancements in our BaruwaOS 6.9 release.