Announcing Avast Core Security support

May 11, 2017 at 07:00 PM | categories: Baruwa Enterprise, Baruwa, MTA, Exim, Baruwa 2.0


I am pleased to announce that Baruwa Enterprise Edition now supports the Avast Core Security Engine.

This is in line with our goal to continuously improve our offering and keep on the cutting edge.


Scanning of email traffic using the Avast Core Security is supported both at SMTP time as well as POST SMTP time.

This allows the flexibility to block identified treats at SMTP time as well as scan and quarantine infections POST SMTP time.

Our support for the Avast Core Security engine is based on the efficient avast-protocol not the command line based usage implemented by competing products.

By use of the avast-protocol on a UNIX socket both at SMTP time and POST SMTP time, Baruwa Enterprise Edition is able process email traffic faster and more efficiently.


Avast Core Security is commercial software so a license is required to ran Avast Core Security on your Baruwa Enterprise Edition systems. We have teamed up with Avast to bring you discounted pricing on Avast licenses ordered through us.

To order Avast licenses at discounted pricing please contact us.


The Avast Core Security functionality has been released as an update to BaruwaOS 6.9, the documentation has also been updated to reflect this.